- Classes -

Our Kickboxing classes are a combination of styles Coach Vic has put together from training in Muay Thai, Savate, Boxing, and American Kickboxing. Our Grappling classes are also a mix coach has put together. He's taking what he believes to be the best from Combat Submission Wrestling, Catch Wrestling, Judo, Brazilian and Japanese Jiu Jitsu.  Also our MMA class: this class is a combination of all of the above and only for the more advanced student. 

Level 1: Kickboxing | Stand-up  

Our level 1 Kickboxing/ Stand-up course is bringing your child back to the basics of kickboxing and stand up self defense. Your child will learn proper form for punches, kicks, knees, blocks, foot movement and simple self defense techniques that your child may encounter in a possible real life situation.

Level 2: Kickboxing | Stand-up

This is where Coach Vic really pieces together the knowledge he's obtained from training in Muay Thai, savate and American kickboxing. After  your child has become comfortable with the basics of our level one kickboxing program our level 2 course will put them to the test. We add endless combinations of all of the basic movements learned throughout our first course. We add partner drills to this course that are much more fast paced Which will simulate a real life scenario. Throughout this course your child will learn to understand his or her opponents body movements which will enable them to react quicker when necessary.

Level 1: Grappling & Ground Control | Defense | Offense

In level 1 grappling Coach Vic will instruct the children on take-downs, ground control, positioning and basic submissions. Where we differ from traditional Jiu Jitsu in being a self defense program as well, we like to stay off our backs. 

When instructing ground control/ defense/ offense your child will learn how to stay calm in any situation. They will learn how to fall properly, reversals, holds and evasive maneuvers.

Level 2: Grappling & Ground Control | Defense | Offense 

This is when Coach Vic really has fun with the kids in the sport of grappling. He puts together some of the best moves in martial arts that he has learned over the years and is still learning today. At this point your children will be comfortable with the basics of grappling and will go on to learn much more technical take downs, positions and submissions. They will be comfortable and confident from the minute they hit the ground to do what they need to do to get back up. 

MMA | Self Defense 

This class of for our more advanced student. This is where we have taken from all of the martial arts and put a program together that truly works. We will piece together boxing, kickboxing, and all of the grappling, submission wrestling, positions and movements. 

Anti-bullying | Self Defense Class

We will refer to this class as AB1 so not to discourage your child or make them feel uncomfortable in any way in this class. This is why we are here! If you know of or have any doubt that your child is being bullied or has been bullied, this class is for you. Coach Vic has put together a program in which he will make your child feel more comfortable in speaking about his or her issues while learning self defense. He has dealt with being bullied most of his childhood life, but never let it stop him. There is no one that can relate better. We will make it fun for your child to learn very specific anti bullying self defense techniques. And make your child feel confident in themselves and more comfortable in group settings.